"My... apologies... I've no time... to toy... with you."
       -- to Ashley before summoning D'tok and escaping

Sydney: Truth, Riskbreaker. I just want you to know the truth.
Ashley: I spit on your truth!
       -- after showing Riot the scene of his family's murder

"I gave my limbs to the gods. Perhaps I'll add yours to the offering!"
       -- to Rosencrantz after re-attaching his arm

Sydney: A tyrant always dies alone, Guildenstern. Surrounded by silver-tongued leeches, he is utterly alone. He sows sorrow and reaps death.
Guildenstern: You are a leader, too. Do you not dream of what could be?
Sydney: In my dreams, I see an evil tyrant's hands, which would choke the world. And he is the only one blind to his folly.
       -- confronting Guildenstern in the Great Cathedral

"Those who crave the Dark cannot control the Dark. You must stop him, kill him... ...before the Dark sucks his living soul dry."
       -- imploring Ashley to stop Guildenstern

"Hmm... you reek, Riskbreaker. What is that stench? Ah, you met Rosencrantz?"
       -- after meeting Riot in the Snowfly Forest

"Most men complacently accept "knowledge" as "truth". They are sheep, ruled by fear. But you are different."
       -- showing his respect for the Riskbreaker

Sydney: Oh, please. Warping the minds of men and shepherding the masses has always been your church's domain. You lure sheep with empty miracles and a dead god. ...or perhaps you, too, are a sheep, Samantha. A poor little lamb, bleating for your faith as though it were milk of the poppy. Yet mark your savior well, for he is one of the demons you so fear, Samantha.
Samantha: Be silent!
Sydney: A sweeter faith still is the draught called love.
       -- putting Samantha on edge while in the town

"What is memory? Men forget that which pains them. ... Create new memories to please themselves. ... Lie to themselves, believe their own lies."
       -- tormenting Ashley with a different version of the truth

Rosencrantz: Name me your successor!!
Sydney: I name you... "Worm", as you crawl through the dust.
       -- Rosencrantz harries Sydney in the Temple of Kiltia

"This is my game. I run, you give chase. I am the hart, and you the hunter. But this hart has laid a few snares of his own... "
       -- taunting Ashley before flying off

Rosencrantz: Y-you have deceived me!?
Sydney: I've done nothing so base. You deceived yourself with a boy's daydreams. Fear not, sweet Rosencrantz. I will not kill you.
       -- soothing Rosencrantz's fear... in a way

"Better a pious child than an iniquitous rogue!"
       -- retorting to Rosencrantz about the Riskbreaker