Gametime takes place in the span of a week, coming first with the attack on Duke Bardorba's secondary residence in the Graylands. There assailed by the Müllenkamp cult, we are introduced to Sydney Losstarot: leader, prophet, a full baker's dozen of grade-A eldrich metal and skinny bitchery.

Under pretense of demanding the release of "imprisoned comrades and the abdication of Cardinal Batistum", the cultists were actually searching for the elusive artifact later named as the Blood Sin, or the Key to the Dark. Their plans, however, are thwarted by Parliament's superagent Ashley Riot and his powers of trusty bowgun and risqué battle shorts.

Though, the Riskbreaker soon finds out that crossbow bolts taking out a chest cavity don't necessarily spell DEATH, or even SEVERE INCAPACITATION. Rather, it's a little fairy tale flounce as Sydney rises from the ground, summons a wyvern to busy Ashley's hands, and escapes into the sunrise. Destination: Léa Monde and her fabulously creepy streets, come on down. The manor is set afire by command of the Duke-- absent from the manor during the attack-- to cover evidence of the wyvern.

The cultists also abduct Joshua Bardorba, the Duke's young son.

Enter stage left, the Order of the Crimson Blades, your friendly neighbourhood God-talking knights of badassery. Lead by the elegant Romeo Guildenstern and Commander Samantha, girl wonder, they are sent by the Church to deal with those dirty cultist dogs.

Ashley Riot, by word of the Valendia Knights of Peace, is also to continue his little cult member hunting for great justice. However, the aid of Callo Merlose is also thrown at him with a great deal of enthusiasm and a significant lack of pants. An inexperienced Inquisitor, she finds herself hostaged by Sydney early on in the game, though this turns to advantage as Léa Monde works its magically creepy ways on her.

Enter stage right, Jan Rosencrantz, ambitious man and all-purpose dip. Supposedly sent by Parliament to cover for Callo, this second Riskbreaker has his own foxy little plans; keywords being somewhere along the lines of wanting Sydney's power and showing off my fabulous man thighs.

With the props department going strong on ghost girls hefting huge bloody knives and goopy monster things, Léa Monde is stage ready for a sparkly, fun-filled night of people getting stabbed in the back, people getting stabbed in the gut, and-- oh, if the cast is really into it!-- people getting stabbed in the legs. With a butter knife. Made of silver.

Watch out for the zombies on the way out, those buggers are mean. And possibly last seen wearing red gogo boots.