Sydney Losstarot is the elder son of Duke Bardorba, and older brother to Joshua.

He attacked the Duke's manor under pretense of finding the "Key to the Dark", the item primordial to acquiring the powers emanating from the city of Léa Monde. However, this was just another clever little ruse from his pockets of many; the key was in reality the Blood Sin, last seen tattooed black on Sydney's back. Pursued-- as was his plan-- by Ashley Riot, he slowly shapes the Riskbreaker according to his needs: a man with the ability to become a "vessel" for the powers of the Dark.

The earthquake that killed those thousands of Léa Monde's inhabitants those 25 years ago: a sacrifice needed to gather the Dark in that once pious city. And which was sought by many who would abuse of this "Wellspring" for their own righteous undertakings.

A man such as Romeo Guildenstern.

Duke Bardorba's wish was for Sydney to destroy the city before such hands could take it. Confronted by the leader of the Crimson Blades, Sydney is struck from behind after he magicks Callo Merlose, Joshua and Hardin-- already wounded-- to safety. When Ashley arrives upon the scene, too late, Guildentstern has already carved the skin from Sydney's back and claimed the powers as his own. Mortal and gently bleeding away on the cathedral atrium floor, he implores Ashley to stop Guildenstern.

"I know."

Rain falls over a cathedral rooftop, a Dark-crazed man is killed, and Léa Monde crumbles and burns. Ashley Riot, carrying the wounded Sydney, escapes the catacombs with the Rood Inverse now upon his own back.

A week later, at Duke Bardorba's secondary residence, someone with the appearance of Agent Riot demands an audience with the Duke; servants and alike dismissed, there is no witness to the meeting. The form, glamour dispelled, reveals Sydney clad in a white robe.

The Duke pledges his own faith in Ashley Riot, and then repents his inadequacy as a father. A dagger lies between them, cold testament to what they must finish. Bending down to embrace his father, Sydney straightens to then dissolve into a cloud of snowflies, the blade buried to the hilt in his chest.

... Ashley Riot becomes the vagrant of name.