There are SPOILERS here. And possibly a moderate amount of stupidity. But, you know, mostly spoilers.

Riskbreaker, agent of the Dangerous Criminal Task Force of the Valendia Knights of Peace; a 30% survival rate stamping each mission given as a nasty piece of work. Sent to track down Sydney, he is the vessel with the ability to be infused with the powers of the Dark; the hunter to Sydney's hart, and sounding board for Sydney's standup stage act.

A cold, straightforward mind, Ashley is such as Sydney questioned whether his soul was kept seperate from his body. Ashley's family-- wife, Tia, and son, Marco-- were slain, and throughout the game Ashley is afflicted with questions concerning his role in the bloody deed. Sydney weaves the tale that these memories were implanted by Ashley's superiors to assuage his guilt, as he the one to wrongly murder that family. However, Ashley is vindicated when Tia appears and tells him to trust his heart. "You gave me a lifetime’s worth of love."

For more opinionating on the whacky fun of Sydney/Ashley dynamics.

An inexperienced Inquisitor from the Valendia Knights of the Peace, she is left behind by Agent Riot when he first descends into Léa Monde. This proves ill-timed, as Merlose is then taken hostage by Sydney Losstarot.

However, Merlose's powers start to develop: she is a seer in the sense that she can "feel" the thoughts and emotions of others. Many of her questions are answered in this fashion, unwillingly, by Hardin. Impulsive and bright, she takes care of Joshua following Hardin's demise, and proudly sports a "Survivor of Léa Monde" badge.

Faithful to his leader; more friend than follower, Hardin resents when this issue comes to break. A former member of the Peace Guard, he was apprehended after blades that were supposed to be delivered to rebels were found on the black market.

Betraying his company for the promise of release, Hardin found himself nonetheless imprisoned. After making good his escape, Hardin tries to rejoin his gravely ill young brother, but it was in vain-- his brother dies. Hardin takes up Sydney's cause in the name of LOVE and JUSTICE and possibly FOR GREAT AWESOME.

Fiercely loyal to the point of pitiful, he believes in Sydney even after finding out that the Key was with them at all times. Snowflies are his fate, for after being magicked to safety by Sydney, he dies of the stab wound inflicted by Guildenstern.

Sydney's younger brother, and loved fiercely by the Duke, the boy was taken hostage by the cultists during the opening events at the manor. And though Sydney and Hardin made sure to protect Joshua as best they could-- Hardin, too, given his past concerning younger brothers-- the trauma of the hostage incident left him unwilling to talk; he is mute for the entirety of the game.

However, Hardin's gentleness has consequences, as his death prompts Joshua to speak-- at which he tearfully begs him "not to go" as another shock forces his voice to give.

Sydney's gravely ill father, he is the one who not only provided funds for the cult's endeavours-- of which he has often been suspected-- but he implored his son to destroy Léa Monde so it would not fall into the wrong hands. A retired member of the Valendian government, he still has the vestiges of power, and pulls many strings in behind the scenes.

At the end, he asks for Sydney's pardon for his failings as a father. His son's death was finished by his hand.

A cunning former Riskbreaker and the biggest dip known to gamingkind; also bitterly envious of Ashley. He wants to be the vessel chosen by Sydney, and gets all bitchy faced when flat-out rejected. Unaffected by the powers of the Dark, he takes one out on Sydney and makes a COMPLETE IDIOT OF HIMSELF, because Sydney totally takes him down another notch.

His blind ambition proves to be his undoing, and he is killed by the statue of Kali come alive in the Temple of Kiltia. Don't let karma hit you on the way out! ♥


Elegant leader of the Crimson Blades, the Cardinal's Chosen and a grade-A jerkface, Guildenstern is in this game for big money. It's his scary straightlaced vision of the world or nothing else, and he'll kill kittens-- and by kittens, I mean Samantha-- to get there. And no, sweetie, putting other people's flaps of bloody skin on your back is not hygienic.

He becomes the true nemesis after falling prey to the powers offered by the Dark, and grows assorted wingspans and a big freakass horn out of his forehead.

Terribly, terribly in love with Romeo Guildenstern, and takes a dagger to the gut and a fall from the cathedral top in the end. She asks so many questions, and gets them asked in return, but her fiercely loyal nature and naiveté turn her horribly astray.

Yet for all the dread and doubt she suffers, Samantha is a commander, and attained the rank without sleeping her way there. So, you know, bugger this. Léa Monde would make you piss in your panties, too.

Oh Duane, didn't you know that mages aren't supposed to be in the front ranks? Ashley doesn't care how pious you are, or how your men look up to you, he'll just cut your legs out and ransack your corpse for loot. And killing those same loyal men. Léa Monde is just a lifetime's worth of bad days for him.

Still, he gets one of the best lines ever. "Ye are a stain on the escutcheon of our order." Oh, you know it to be true.

Duane's younger brother. And boy, is he ever pissed when he finds out that you killed Duane. But Grissom is a good kid, albeit a little, ah, with the violent tendencies. He's brash, he's strong, he wields religion like a honed weapon and his strongest armour, and he dies because he doesn't listen to his betters when he should have.

Grissom then becomes a zombie due to the incomplete death clause, and wanders the undercity armed with existential angst and some voices telling him that his friends are trying to steal his body and that he should killlll theeeeem. .

Is made of some fair amounts of badassery and awesome. She's all smarts and straight talk, but with a calm lip and an easy assessment of the situation. None of that girly weepery when the zombies walk and the walls talk. None of that girly weepery when you're forced to leave your boy-tank behind as the city falls around you and you have the duty of getting out alive to tell the story.

She carries a huge mace, and knows how to use it.

For all the intimidating brawn, he's actually one of the really nice ones. Like, everybody's off converting and killing and stabbing poor helpless prophets in the goddamn back, and you get the impression he's just there to help the kids up if they happen to accidentally trip or lose their favourite morningstar or something. Tieger and Neesa totally go drinking together on their days off.

They're the ones who discover Grissom dead and then again undead, and they're the ones who have the duty to take him down when he starts getting all zombie creepyfied. Commander Tieger barely escapes with his life as he chooses to face Grissom alone, giving Commander Neesa the first chance to escape Léa Monde as the walls deteriorate around them at the end.