Ah, yes, the flashy green daisy goodness that was the old guestbook. I've archived it for sentimental reasons, yay. (Latest entries are at the top, so go from there.) By the way, the new guestbook can be signed here, winknudge.

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Name: mia
Sent: 3.23 PM - 10/8

wow! what a site.. i only just played vagrant story yesterday, so i havnet won it yet... but its such a good game, and so far sydney has just impressed me.. Possibly the most attractive square character i've seen... even better that sephiroth.. although maybe not as cute as tifa.. sorry.. *ahem* anyway i havent gone thru all ur website yet, coz i dont wanna spoil anything.. but i am truely impressed. heheh..

Name: Mnekov
Homepage: http://www.litterbox.f2s.com/
Sent: 3.18 PM - 9/30

Hi...was looking around for nice Vagrant Story fanart and your page come up as one of the links. Talk about one stop shopping to VS goodness ^_^ You have a great site. I haven't really finished the game yet but when I saw it I just loved it and bought it. I don't know if I can really call myself a Sydney fan but the way he moves really does intrigues me and I always look forward to seeing him again in the game. ^_^

Name: Bethany
Sent: 3.25 PM - 9/7

(drools) Gawd, what a pretty site... and a pretty boy to go with it, too! (sweatdrops) Eh-heh... pay no attention to that. Anyway, I love the place. (giggles) Love it, love it, love it. Especially the quotes. Talk about having fun with people; these are the best things to do it with. Anyway, keep up the good work! (grins and waves) Ja ne!

Name: Viv-sama
Sent: 10.45 PM - 9/6

I LOVE your site! Syndey is the best character in Vagrant story, and I'm glad you've taken the effort to put such a great site together! Keep up the good work!

Name: Crystal rose
Sent: 1.45 AM - 9/3

This is a pretty nice page. Keep up the good work! >_<

Name: ST3wolf
Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/emo/terrawolf3
Sent: 8.12 PM - 9/2

My God! I've been here for sooo long. Hell, I was here even when everything was *gasp* Green! The tea one. Aw! I love this site beyond human recognition. I visit 3 times a day, at most. *obsessed*
Please..Never EVER close down this site. I'd be left to drift around in search of something...better. As if that's possible. Loving the layouts, by the by.

Name: Kea Johnston (Ceres)
Homepage: http://www21.brinkster.com/cereslosstarot/index.html
Sent: 4.47 PM - 9/1

I really, really love your new layout. The best so far. I especially like the fanart in the background. Speaking of which, I have another for you if I ever finish the border.
Keep up the great work.
Frequent Visitor and Fellow Obsessee.

Name: MrGnash
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/mrgnash
Sent: 3.41 PM - 8/27

Great page :) Sydney was my fave character from Vagrant story and one of my favourite Square characters of all time, and I just love that tattoo lol. Fantastic design by the way, you a professional?

Name: durendal
Homepage: http://erin.sexybee.net/
Sent: 6.36 PM - 8/18

I don't know much about the game, but I think your site is gorgeous. ^^ Keep up the great work!

Name: Sydney Losstarot
Sent: 2.05 PM - 8/16

i'm flatterd, really

Name: Rean
Sent: 4.09 PM - 8/3

Wwwoooo... I think it's the best i see ^^! He is not a God, he's human, that's it.

Name: Flaire
Sent: 1.08 AM - 8/3

yeah! a Sydney Losstarot site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Name: Fox
Homepage: http://www.envy.nu/nibelheim
Sent: 6.56 PM - 7/23

Hola! ^_^ I haven't been here in a while...*takes a good look around and whistles approvingly* It still looks marvelous..I'm in complete envy of your site building skills -_-;; Well..anyway, lovely..still..keep up the great work!

Name: Christina
Sent: 12.16 AM - 7/19

I like Sydney, so naturally i like this site!

Name: Sabrina
Sent: 2.52 PM - 7/18

Hee hee, you kick so much ass...

Name: Jackieta Banana
Sent: 3.42 AM - 7/17

I haven't found another Sydney site on the web, and I must say, I wouldn't need another one. This site has all the Sydney goodness you'd ever need! I love it!!

Name: euel
Sent: 1.46 PM - 7/4

he's a god

Name: Lun-Sei Sleidee
Sent: 10.18 AM - 6/30

Sydney-chan is such a bishounen!!! I love him!!^^

Name: Jake Losstarot
Sent: 5.54 PM - 6/17

Sydney is soooooooo cool i wish I could be him

Name: Sydney's Gurl
Sent: 5.52 PM - 6/17

SYDNEY IS HOT.........ur site rocks

Name: Emily
Sent: 12.23 AM - 6/12

Well, I don't actually know who Sydney *is,* per se, but he looks hot, and he has metal appendages, which both put him at the top of my polygonal bishounen hit list ^^;; I'm going to go out and get this game soon -- how could such a coolish thing go unnoticed? Great site, and you've piqued *my* intreset in the game itself, so keep up the excellent work!!

Name: Ryusan
Homepage: http://www.ryusan.net/
Sent: 11.32 PM - 6/9

my site went down -- my host fuitadnet.com got hacked i think

so i moved and waiting for dns changes to propagate -_-;;

i am extremely bored so i decided to surf other domains


Name: Lin
Homepage: http://empty.pitas.com/
Sent: 11.02 AM - 6/8

I've been here so many times and I can't believe I haven't signed the guestbook yet. ^^;;; I love the new layout and the shrine is just wonderful! :D Keep up the great work! ^__^

Name: J
Homepage: http://www.thewebmage.com/wee
Sent: 6.05 AM - 6/4

hey.. I really like your layout =) stumbled apon it thru log revolution i think

Name: Squall/Ashley/Soul/etc.
Homepage: http://hometown.aol.com/soulegend/
Sent: 10.33 PM - 6/2

Wow! Nice layout! I'm astounded at how many great fanart images you've acquired! Usually, fanart sites don't have much to offer, but this was a welcome suprise! Though I may like Ashley better (::hides::), I still think this is one of the best Vagrant Story sites I've seen. Nice!

Name: mei ling
Homepage: http://yumeni.net/mei
Sent: 12.54 AM - 5/25

linh, love the new layout! isn't it a little early for snow though? ^^;; still, 'tis all sparkly and shiny and damn you're talented. XD

Sent: 9.29 PM - 5/23 Private Entry:

Name: marky
Sent: 7.31 PM - 5/23

cool site, sydney rules.i want to be him! anyways, me likes.

Name: Lukene
Sent: 12.53 AM - 5/17

Hi! Great page- great art!! I had a question I hoped you could get back to me on in the fanart section. Ashley, aka GlassShard's first drawing; the blue one with the poem/song in the background, I was wondering where it came from, and if you could get a copy of it to me, from what I could see, it's beautiful, I would love to read the entire thing. Thanks, I hope I'll hear from you! ^_^

Name: Ceres_Conductor
Homepage: http://amarna.ipfox.com/
Sent: 1.09 PM - 4/21

First thing's first. Sydney is FOXY!
Second, I love your webpage. Excellent job. If I could only do layout like this........you've done a flawless job from what I can see. The links work, the graphics are smashing. Keep it up. Better than most commercial sites I've seen.
Sydney is FOXY!

Name: Phoenix
Homepage: http://www.deling.net/quina
Sent: 10.02 AM - 4/19

niceness on the shrine... I like.. I dun know who sydney is.. on vagrant story? anyway.. bye bye

Name: Joe
Homepage: http://europa.spaceports.com/~tongs
Sent: 6.33 PM - 4/10

Really nice layout. Very... unique. Cute art. Vagrant Story is one of the best games ever. WOO HOO! GO PACKERS!

Name: Audra
Sent: 9.28 PM - 3/30

It's about time someone made a site to Sydney. He his my fav. Besides Vincent from FF7. Love your site. Keep up the good work. I'll let ya know when my site is done. It's going to have a little bit of everything on it. Like FF7 lots of it. And hopefully Vagrent Story If any of you would like to give drawings or storys for my site I would love to put them on my site. We need to link up!! I'll let ya know when my site is done. Till then you take care. Bye.

Name: Drewsilla
Sent: 8.44 AM - 3/27

Merry Meet and sorry! i messed up on my email. so click on my name here for the correct one. Anyhow, thanx again for this wonderful site on my pretty boy, Sydney Losstarot! Brightest Blessings~Drew Cat~

Name: Drewsilla
Sent: 8.42 AM - 3/27

This is an awesome website. You don't know how hard it is to find people who really apperciate Vagrant Story, and specifically my love, SYDNEY!!! Weeelll, he isn't really my love, but i guess you could kinda say that he's my passion in life. pretty pathetic, eh... anyways, keep up the great work.

Name: Riskbreaker
Homepage: http://home.dencity.com/riskbreaker
Sent: 4.52 AM - 3/13

Wow! this site is awesome. Finally I have found more VS people. Linh is it possible that I can put you in my links page in my site?

Keep on faith and Godspeed,

Name: Oni Vagrant
Homepage: http://www.wincom.net/~abechard/Valendia
Sent: 2.56 AM - 3/13

Hi, I love the site! The design is really well thought out. Vagrant Story is my current favorite game at the moment. And I'm glad to see others who are also obssessed with the game. I must admit I am signing this guest book for more selfish reasons than to just compliment the site. I have set up a role playing community that is set in the Vagrant Story universe. If you are interested, the homepage is listed in this entry. We do our playing at im-chat.com. Everyone is free to join us, this is not a private group. So long as you follow IMC's rules and my own. Thank you.

Name: Its Meeh! ^^
Homepage: http://archieandrews454.addr.com/
Sent: 1.22 PM - 3/10

wowwow Linh! here goes another lovely layout =) keep it up! i've sent you the layout image for our clique....i work fast, ne? ^^

Name: ms. frog-a-lot
Homepage: http://yumeni.net/mei
Sent: 8.15 PM - 3/6

XD greeness! i love it! ^^ *heehee*

Name: Raincrystal
Homepage: http://www.saucybard.com/raincrystal
Sent: 8.11 PM - 3/4

I love the green tea layout. ^^ It's such an adorable change from the "obvious" idea of dark VS gothic-ness.
About two-thirds of your fan arts are "file not found," though. x_x

Name: gus
Sent: 7.08 PM - 3/3

nice homepage.Look forward to sketches and put them on the homepage.gus from N.Y.(i sent another message on the guest book but it was mest up):)

Name: gus
Sent: 7.02 PM - 3/3

nice homepage.anyother fanart?,that will make it cooler

Name: *jen*
Homepage: http://superxero.cjb.net/
Sent: 1.11 AM - 3/3

i love this page. that pic of ashley and sydney there is the cutest thing i think i've ever seen. ^_^

Name: Betsy Tea
Homepage: http://www.discarnate.com/teatime
Sent: 1.40 AM - 3/2

Aww, that SD graphic with Ashley and Sydney is so cute I could just bleed! I've got you linked on my homepage... gotta update though o.O;;

Name: n7
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/yumesenshi_n7
Sent: 10.09 PM - 2/20

OOOoooh! Linh...I'm checking out all your sites now...very very nice, I must say. Amazing layout. truly You make me envious, envious, ENVIOUS! I've yet to beat you Yumeni! ^_^ But until then I'll just be in awe of you.
Keep kickin's ass!

Name: Rya
Homepage: http://r.ya.tripod.com/menus/ultima.html
Sent: 2.00 AM - 2/20

Sydney and daisies...sounds good!

Name: Ryan
Sent: 6.42 AM - 1/15

Thanks for making this well-done page. It warmed up a chilly Spokane winter's night.

Name: Daynan
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/gyrfalcon100/
Sent: 3.58 AM - 12/23

Hiya, cute page! I'm the guy who took your Rinoa photo during Halloween.
I've never seen a layout like this before, it's interesting. Because I saw your page, it jump started my Vagrant Story playing, and I love combining armour, it's so fun... I spend hours in workshops it's not funny.

Sydney Losstarot, Bishonen, gotta catch 'em all! ^_~


Name: Jeannie
Homepage: http://envy.nu/straw
Sent: 12:05 AM - 11/18
Hey Hey!!!
I can't beleive you already hate your new layout but I ain't arguing now. AnywayS :D I'm at work right now, heheh...HSE VERY fast!!!! You would love it but unfortunatly you can't get it in your region yet (I checked-not my fault I was bored)...makes you feel any better, I can't get it either. So, lots of blablabla that could turn out to be an email...Now you can't bug me to sign your guestbook...atleast untell your next update!


Name: Thanatos
Sent: 12:30 PM - 11/11
Nice page. =)


Name: Enyka
Sent: 11:31 PM - 11/8
ouuuu! Pretty!! A new layout! With DHTML! And no picture of The Pants! Anyway, Please don't ever tell me you suck at HTML again you anorexic **** ... If I was nice enough and found enough motivation to make an effort, I'd draw you a Sydney ( a pretty one )but... oh well... I guess I'd better finish playing Vagrant Story first.... Why wont the dragon die??? ( I don't wanna make weapons... too much effort...) Whatever... ( Squall Syndrome ^_~ ) Can't wait to see the next layout!


Name: Ashley
Homepage: http://casualvillian.com/ff7
Sent: 12:17 AM - 11/8
Ah! The new layout is absolutely GORGEOUS! (though the sight of Sydney in that damn white robe's nearly enough to turn the tears on) Wow, you are VERY talented in the web design department, you completely take my breath away... oh, and thankee thankee thankee for posting my work here ^_^ It's an honor to have it on such a beautiful page...


Name: Nangke
Sent: 5:40 PM - 10/25
I haven't visted this page in a while... Been trying not to think of Vagrant Story since I lent it to my friend, but I just miss it so much. ;_; So I thought I'd put on the OST on eternal repeat and browse some of my favorite pages. ^_^


Name: Mina
Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/stars2/pinksugar/index
Sent: 10:41 PM - 10/21
waaiiii I want a penny!! Oooo shiny penny!!!
I love your site
I also love the layout
and its super great
keep up the great work
(wheres my penny?)


Name: Ruckus Causer
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/agent_merlose
Sent: 2:24 AM - 10/21
What a wonderful site; your layout is completely awesome. (of course it makes mine look like a very rough draft) Plus it's always nice to actually see sites on Vagrant Story. Unfortunately you don't find too many, but this is great. You'll soon be in my link section, I'm sure you won't mind... And how could anyone not love Sydney?? ...fantastic ^_^ Drop me a line some time, and keep up the good work!


Name: Croik
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/pocroik
Sent: 1:37 AM - 10/20
Hey, great site! Since there's not much stuff out there on Vagrant Story yet, I was really glad to find you. Cool page--keep it up. (I mean, who wouldn't love those pants? Very yummy!)


Name: Hunter deCarabas
Homepage: http://people.goplay.com/LagunasLady/
Sent: 12:28 AM - 10/12
Ok, ok, so I've been here before...but it's SYDNEY!! WOO!! heh, anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your site totally kicks ass and I just wanted to say that I'd love to link to it...I think you said it was ok to do that O.O EEk! too lazy to go look ^_^ Well, just letting ya know that so you can go brag to your friends that someone is linking to your site...cause it kicks...yeah...k...shutting up...


Name: Gio
Homepage: http://www.crosswinds.net/~midndreamer
Sent: 8:59 PM - 10/2
What an extremely impressive page you have here! Thanks for sending me your link. And to respond to your email, sure you can post my Sydney pics. I think I'm gonna draw some more Syd later, since, obviously, he's my favorite. That's all for now, keep it up.


Name: Nataku
Sent: 6:49 AM - 9/19
Kawaii. Yeah, like that's all I have to say? Shyeah.. Anyway, Lovely place, Selphie dear, keep it going.. yeah, ya know.. the usual.. (took me a while to figure out how to get in though.. despite the pic icons..) uh, yeah.


Name: Leona
Homepage: http://members.nettoilet.com/killclique
Sent: 3:11 AM - 9/18
OoOoOohh! HooHooooOoOoY! Cool page. Keep it up!!


Name: Hunter deCarabas
Homepage: http://people.goplay.com/LagunasLady/
Sent: 2:25 AM - 9/17
Eep! Sydney! WOOHOO! heh heh, ok, anyway...WAHH!! I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOVE SYDNEY! WHO COULDN'T, REALLY? I MEAN! JEEZ!....er....in this moment of sanity I'd like to apologize.........nah! SYDNEY! WOOOO! gotta love em ^_^ Anyway, I really love your site, I'll be sure to check out all of it sometime, I've got some Vagrant Story stuff on my site if ya wanna check it out, k, ta ta! keep up the great work!


Name: Yume Mirai
Homepage: http://envy.nu/yumemirai
Sent: 10:42 PM - 9/11
^^ Sugoi... your website is pretty. =P I'm jealous. But it's not as pretty as Sydney so you still have a ways to go! ^__^ Omedetou and ganbatte! Ja!


Name: Emi
Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/journal/zealous
Sent: 3:13 AM - 9/9
Yeah, Sydney! (ahem) Nice layout. I hope some people submit to your site. I've only played Vagrant Story for a total of 1 hour, but that's just because my memory card's full. >_< I'll clean it....one day...
Anywho, Sydney's kinda scary...And at first I thought Ashley had holes in his pants because he was poor. ^_^;; But they're supposed to be there - I think.


Name: Yahiko
Sent: 1:22 AM - 9/9
Hoy Selphie !!! Your page is really cool!!!Thanks for not showing Sidney's pants...I'm not getting into Sidney pant conversation again but I want too compliment you on your new lay out !!


Name: Justin
Homepage: http://come.to/chromillix
Sent: 12:02 AM - 9/9
Sydney, Sydney, Sydney. That's all you girls want these days, huh? Heh, can't blame ya, he is pretty darn cool... Even though he's... fixated with Ash... i'm not much on that stuff :P ... Anyhoo, cool site, it was a good read..


Name: Jewelle
Homepage: http://djlesser.com/
Sent: 4:12 PM - 9/8
Woohoo, a page about Sydney! You should be tattooed with the Blood Sin- er, Rood Inverse- er...whatever he has. ^^;; Hail! ^__^ And keep up the good work! Oh, don't forget to hug Akihiko Yoshida for creating Sydney! ^__^


Name: Kevin
Homepage: http://www.losstarot.com/
Sent: 11:49 PM - 9/7
Well, I found your page from the losstarot.com webpage, and... well, it looks all cool and nice! ^_^ I'm the... <i>other</i> web-owner-maker-type-guy there in charge of the Vagrant Story section. And, as a side note, yeah I like Sydney... but I also like Romeo! >D


Name: Kitsune
Sent: 9:33 PM - 9/7
FINALLY! I FOUND A SHRINE TO SYDNEY! It's about darn time. You now have my undying pledge to visit your site when ever I can. ^_^ Keep up the GREAT work!


Name: lola
Homepage: http://www.envy.nu/duende/
Sent: 10:27 pm - 10/21 2000
hey there. good site. <3dj rap<3 she rocks your fucken socks, huh? she's one hot cookie. woah i just looked outside and saw a really hot irish guy.
anyway. i love this purple scheme. simple and sweet. keep it up. see ya at the boards. :D


Name: G-chan
Homepage: http://www.losstarot.com/
Sent: 5:31 AM - 9/7
Waiwai! Seeing as tough you were the one who beat me to submiting Sydney-kun to the Pocket Bishonen by like an HOUR, I had to come visit :) Of course, I am the awe-inspiring keeper of losstarot.com *grin* But your page is much more organized, I'm still working *sigh* But anyway, keep up the good work, and as always, LOVE SYDNEY ^.^ Oh, if you would like a link on my site, please email me, kay? :)


Name: Seb (chaospixie)
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/chaos_pixie/
Sent: 10:17 PM - 9/6
Joy! It's so rare to see S. Losstarot pages... I was happy to find this one! Good job!
If you're looking to see Sydney fanart, I have one or two attempts at it on my page... nothing too fancy, though.
Keep up the good work!


Name: Rachel S. Young
Homepage: http://arty.members.easyspace.com/
Sent: 5:15 PM - 9/6
Woohoo!!! A Sydney Shrine!!
* does a lil' dance and "yipee's" a lot*
Ahem, sorry...oh..err... yeah, where was I? Oh yeah, your site is great!! the layouts lovely and the text gave me a good giigle, but I havn't finished looking yet so I'm gonna stop typing now so I can peruse the rest of your *wonderful* page!


Name: Caleb
Homepage: http://ux.cegep-heritage.qc.ca/~djanveau
Sent: 3:08 AM - 9/1
Sweet page!! So much better than the little bantering on I call my own. ^_^ It was awesome hanging with ya downtown earlier today too! See you around!


Name: Enyka
Sent: 10:56 PM - 8/31
Why am I signing again?? You know all I can say is stupid things that make you wish you don't know me! (Ok, That's actually a good enough reason to do it again! ^-^) Anyway, what can I say? The new version is even prettier then the first one and I'm still in the credits!! Which make me think, I have to draw you a Sidney ( What's a philosophy course for anyway?)! So prepare for the worst! ^_~ And hey! if you keep improving your layout every time you change it like this ( every uh... 2 days?! O.o ) you wont have anyone left to look up to and you'll make me really jealous ( my unexisting site sucks... ) so slow down! ^_~


Name: Ak
Homepage: http://laglotopia.cjb.net/
Sent: 5:58 AM - 8/30
ACK!! Sydney is soooooooo hot! ::drools:: I'm so glad to see a shrine to him!! ^^;; was thinking of making one myself but have given up because I could never match what you've done here. ^_____^ supoib.


Name: Christie
Homepage: http://www.touma.nu/
Sent: 3:40 PM - 8/26
Hey! I love your site, and I think it's so cute! Thanks for joining my clique, and good luck!


Name: Jeannie
Homepage: http://how.to/snikt
Sent: 12:43 AM - 8/25
Heheh...look I got a new email...again! Anyways, what can I say, your obsession is..ummm...well how can I put it...DAMN SCARY!!! But I totally accept it cause well you know...*drowling over the thought of a shirtless Wolverine* But in big, I think your site is lovely and don't give me that..I suck at HTML-crap. You're WAAAAAAAAYY better then me and I'm not just saying that because I'm your best friend but because I believe in you. *yes, that sucking up will do fine...* So, maybe you can ...umm...well...help me out with my site...*ducks flying Laguna action figure* <--- Ok, I'm not picking it up :D


name -- Enyka
e-mail -- Enyka@hotmail.com
location -- www.crosswinds.com/~enyka
Ouu! I'm in the credits! ( well... not for long.... ^_~ )I love your site Selphie-chan!! Even though I do not agree on your Losstarot obsession... I mean.. he has The pants... >_< Anyway, I give it a 4/5 on the genkiness scale! ( -1 because it's not all pink anymore... )


name -- akira-chan
e-mail -- llamaakira@antisocial.com
location -- http://www.shatteredreality.net
I have no pineapple phone, but I am writing a fanfic, introspective about SYYYYYYYYYYYYYDDDDDDDDDDDDNNNNNNNNNNNNNN-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! ::goes SD and tackles his pictures::


name -- candi
e-mail -- rain_kitten@hotmail.com
location -- http://gamergirl.net/squall
Really nice site you have here. Even though I've never played Vagrant Story, I think there needs to be more sites related to it. :)


name -- Yahiko
e-mail -- momo_yahiko@hotmail.com
You're cool Sephie ^-^ .....but don't quit your day job...well , since you don't have a day job : don't give up Sou-chan . He's the only one that MAY want you :p


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